The vision for CAN Decorative Painting & Design Inc. started in Toronto, where creative owners Davide Aguiar and Michelle California-Aguiar met. There they trained, worked and taught their craft for many years at one of Canada's premiere decorative painting studios; Ritins Studio. While in Canada the couple gained extensive knowledge of the industry, working on major residential and commercial projects including hotels, casinos, restaurants etc. Please see client list for more information.

The goal is to combine the styles, techniques and technologies learned from experiences around the world into a new approach to decorative painting and design.

We at CAN consider ourselves designers of decorative finishes. Each finish created to meet the design needs.

We deliver the highest level of professionalism, are fully insured, and we care deeply about delivering top notch customer service.  We offer many unique finishes such as polished plaster, scratched plaster, metallic foils, and terra, in addition to regular painting.  Because we do both- high-end finishes and regular painting- we are able to complete commercial space and homes with unique looks at very competitive costs. 

We  hope that you will find a technique that interests you, a style that excites you, or an idea that helps spark your imagination. Everything here can be applied to most wall, ceiling and furniture surfaces, and all finishes are customized to suit our clients' needs.